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Hello everyone!
I hope this first month of 2017 has started well for you all. If it did not start well, it will be now: yes, it's a party! It's a birthday party!
But who's birthday? Simple! The first and only Sakurai Sho! Our dear boy is celebrating years and we should celebrate.

To be a complete party we will need: food, drink, laughs, shows and music! And being the members of Arashi as they are, we have all this: someone to organize everything, prepare food, fun and music! Let's guess who will make this party?

Party planners!Collapse )
Hope everyone have a good year... or that everyone can make this year good!

Sá-chan!! It is your day!

How was the Christmas holiday?  I hope you all had fun with your favorite people!
I've come for another birthday!!
And guys, today is the birthday of someone I know!!

It’s sesquerdo’s B-day!! Happy Birthday Sá-chan!!!
Let’s party!

Dear Sá-chan, thou we are far from each other, we can still laugh and cry together. I am happy for another of you in this land. I wish you:

It's Aiba day!! Happy Aiba day!

Hello, everyone!
Hope you all are safe and having a good time in this holiday season.
Well, not only due the holidays, I mean, it's the
Today is the day the sun shines upon everyone and brings us joy, because Aiba Masaki was born!
And as usual, a good party!

All set and ready!! In fact, since we can also celebrate christmas eve, I think a christmas theme party would be fun too, but any day Aiba is together with Arashi members is a good day!
His love for the members is one of the things we should seek. Love eachother, if you know what I mean.

I hope he has an wonderful day and that he can party with his family and friends!
May God bless him greatly and give him many years of happiness!
Because, as a member of the most awesome japanese boy band, Aiba-chan works hard to give us joy, but his own personality gives us an extra smile!

Happy Birthday!!

may you all have a great sunday and a Merry Christmas!



Happy almost christmas (it's almost December!!) and happy birthday to the best leader boy bands in Japan could have: our dear Ohno Satoshi!!
Our fishing lover is 36 today... and of course he looks like a baby... these good genes, or Johnnies magic! Anyway, not only he is looking good, he is also as sweet, silly and beautifuly talented! Not wonder the other members love him!!
So here is his theme party!

Cake, drinks, food and... fish! Why not?!
I mean, they would be making speaches, making him emotional and happy for being born and that's all I want.
I want him happy, with his dearest people.

I wish to our dear Riida all the happiness and love he give us.
I hope he keeps mesmerizing us with his talent, guidance and the love he has for his beloved members!
Be happy, Oh-san!!
Happy birthday!


It's August 30th again!! Do you know what does it mean?
Yes, and he is 33 years old this year! Looking like 25! Good!!
For the party theme: his color scheme!
Look at this:

Imagine all his friends havinga agood time! I honestly think they would be at a restaurant and enjoy themselves while making jokes and lovely drunk discourses about how awesome MJ is.
I really hope he has a great day and a great year. I want him to be happy and make more people happy. I hope he can have a lovely family and grow old with his friends.
All happiness and good things for MJ!

Hope you all have a great MJ day!

Take care!
Hello, Everyone!

This is another awesome Arashi birthday!
This time is Ninomi's b-day!

Happy Birthday Nino!!
God bless you! I wish you happiness, love, your friends and family with you and, of course, lots of money!!!
Live more 33 years and then more 33!
୧( , ^3 ^ , )୨

I hope everyone can have a nice day, a good summer (north) or winter (south!)


Happy Valentine's Day!!

Hope everyone is having a good day!
Although we don't celebrate it in my country, I decided to do this entry to post Sho's (belated) drawing!
And since is valentine's day, I used the day as a motif.

Hope you all have a lovely day!


Sho-san's Birthday!!!

Yeah! It is another birthday! Our multi talented rapper,  Sakurai Sho is 34 years old today!!
Ah! Such lovely face!
I would like to celebrate it as usual, but I have my hands full this week - and maybe the next! - so I will celebrate it differently.

Fisrt, I must say how wonderful is getting older, especially when you have been doing badically the same things with the same people.
All Arashi members have started their carrer together and have been together since theirs teens. Thinking about it, this is their longest relationship. Each with a focus, each showing more their personalities, all growing together and accepting their differences, and by doing so becaming what they are today, what we as fans love to see.
For Sho-san it wasn't different. He had the rebelious,  grumpy air, writing his rap verses and wanting to be different. And then he went to college, started working as newscaster and evolved from grumpy/ angry squirrel to this weird cute munchkin! He didn't do it alone and (as all the other members will say) it was thanks for being in Arashi. Not because of his career only, but because as much he needed the others, they needed him too (mommy Sho making people eat and be health, remember). They need each other.
That said, all I can wish for Sho is that he can live many more years with his friends, that Arashi keep being successfull because of these five and that they can be together the longest possible.
I want him happy with his family, friends, his jobs. I want him living a full and happy life.
May God bless him greatly!
Happy birthday!

I hope ge can have a great day with Arashi!! (And Toma!!)

Hope you all have a happy Sho day!

Ps: I will post his fanart in the future, luckly soon!


Today is my dear Sá-chan's birthday!

I wish you happiness, love, success and health. But I also wish you can be stronger when you need. And that people can be kind and lovely and patient withyou need - and that you can receive the same love you give and deserve.
God bless you, dear.
I love you!

(A bunch of cute pics for you! I will reblog Juntoshi 😉)

yeay!Collapse )

I hope you have a lovely day!

Aiba's birthday and Christmas!!

Hello! How is everyone doing? I hope you are fine!

Today is double celebration: Aiba Masaki's birthday - aka Xmas Eve - and Christmas Day!!

Yeay!! Arashi and celebrations is one of the best combinations!!

Merry AibabyCollapse )

Since Aiba is an sunshine:

Weeee!! I did it!! It was fun and, considering my drawing skills these days, it is very cute.
Birthday message:♡♡♡♡

Dear Aiba-san. I understand how hard is to be born close to big celebration days (the end of the year is something special!)
But I know that you are the happiest at this time of the year, not just because of your b-day, but also because you can be together with your favorite people in the world: your friends!
So I hope you can celebrate many health and happy birthdays together with the ones you love!
God bless you greatly!

And, since we are talking about favorite people: Merry Christmas!
I know not all people celebrate it,  and not all have a nice time at these holidays, but I do wish you all happiness and a good time. I wish lots of food and (maybe) new socks!
Hope you can have a nice time, because that is what christmas is really about.
Happy holidays!!

I rarely post personal stuff, but here is the tree in my parents house ♡♡♡

Again, happy holidays!!

*Arashi image from jiimama's tumblr.